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Corporate Meetings

I’m always happy when clients ask for my help with a corporate meeting. A well-planned corporate meeting is great for company morale and a fun time for everyone involved, and I love being part of the team and seeing it all the way through.

Meeting planning is challenging in that it requires both tremendous attention to detail and the ability to keep an eye on the big picture. As a consultant I can handle logistics, negotiate vendor contracts, arrange transportation and support the meeting on site. 

I usually work side-by-side with an executive from the company who will determine the programming, networking events, parties, and menus. Experience has provided me with an internal checklist so that everything is organized to flow correctly.  

I negotiate contracts with hotels, limousine companies, and other vendors, as your company’s advocate. 

My long history of working with hoteliers and hotel representatives means that I know who to go to to get things done.

As your consultant, I am with your company every step of the way, using my extensive knowledge, experience and contacts to serve as your advocate. 

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