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Paulette Darensburg

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Caribbean Destinations

Travel to Caribbean Destinations with Paulette Darensburg 

Paulette Darensburg has personally visited nearly every island in the Caribbean, giving her unique perspective of the islands, as well as insider knowledge. Travel with her to Caribbean destinations as she helps you explore the unlimited opportunities for destination travel today. As a travel advisor with Protravel International, Paulette is part of a vast network of advisors, all contributing their knowledge in international travel. The Protravel network gives her access to official information on hurricanes, reconstruction activities, and the safest places to travel.  

Paulette says, “I understand the Caribbean destination experience. The Caribbean has lots of culture, warm and friendly people. I love it. My personal experience and understanding of this travel destination gives me insider knowledge that helps my clients. Every island is different and unique (some are French-influenced, some are Dutch). So, you have to understand that and how each island is different, which is important when you match the trip to a client.” According to Paulette, multigenerational family travel with groups from 12 to 20 are a big part of her clientele. After that, milestone vacations, anniversaries and honeymoons in the Caribbean are the most popular. The favored travel destinations are the French islands, such as Dominica, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Paulette loves to book the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), but says that oftentimes people from the West Coast won’t venture that far. Wherever you’d like to go, Paulette Darensburg can help you get there safely, with style, and come away with rich lifestyle experiences and memories you’ll treasure forever.

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