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Paulette Darensburg

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Africa & African Safaris

An Expert on Africa Travel Destinations & Africa Safaris 

When it comes to travel destinations, Paulette Darensburg knows Africa. From safaris to rich cultural experiences, she has traveled to east and south Africa nine times and personally experienced most of the places she recommends. “Personal travel is important,” says Paulette. “It helps me stay abreast of any changes in places I recommend to my clients. Educating and updating yourself about the product and experiencing the product itself is important, and it uniquely positions me to book travel to Africa.” Additionally, Paulette continually attends webinars to stay abreast of the latest travel destination news. 

Paulette deals with all types of clients, from honeymooners to large families traveling to Africa, and she likes to include varied experiences, from culture to cuisine, art and history, in the itineraries. But one of her favorites is the inclusion of a South Africa safari – it’s the quintessential South African experience. A safari is not a hunting expedition unless you request it to be – most people go on safari to view the majestic animals in their natural habitat, not to bring home a trophy. Says Paulette, “Africa offers something for everyone to enjoy. For example, South Africa has the ocean, culture, beach, mountains, national parks, art, great food, and safaris. Africa caters to every taste, and that’s what people are drawn to. For Africa, the southern countries as an example, I book every kind of experience for my clients, from our Gilt-Edge Luxury South Africa itinerary to unique lifestyle experiences focused on African culture and history. Being a travel advisor is a passion; it calls me.” Her passion, knowledge and love for this travel destination come through in all of the itineraries she prepares and the advice she gives. Contact Paulette Darensburg today to start planning your next Africa safari or getaway.

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