Cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico Aboard Celebrity Summit

By Vivian Nieves, Travel Writer

Our adventure began late afternoon Friday March 22, 2019, as we headed to the airport. Once we entered the terminal, we walked to The Retreat Suite Class signage. That’s when my eyes lit up and I immediately knew this was going to be an amazing trip on the Celebrity Summit! Entering our suite was a moment I will never forget! The room was absolutely stunning with light grey wood panels and navy and white decor throughout the suite. Our Celebrity Summit Suite was number 9096. We walked into an enormous living room/seating area with a mini table that sat 4 people, a vanity area and a balcony with plenty of seating space.

We dropped off our bags and immediately began to explore the ship and all it had to offer. We made our way up to the Oceanview Cafe. There was an enormous selection of traditional Puerto Rican food and other options as well. I could not decide between the selections of tuna ceviche served inside a coconut shell, Octopus ceviche and Salmon ceviche. After grabbing some lunch, we went to view a variety of accommodations offered. The first room was a Sky Suite, number 9111. The bathroom decor was grey and white marble with the bed set in the middle of the room and a balcony view. Next, aslo on deck 9, cabin 9073. This was an Aqua Class cabin that has full access to the Persian Garden, a relaxation area within the Canyon Ranch Spa, and their own private dining area, the restaurant Blu. Upgraded amenities included cashmere bedding and bathroom spa amenities. The shower head design located in the bathroom was pretty cool. It was designed to look like an optical illusion, it appeared as a silver and round ring opening that was flat and allowed the water to trickle from around the edges of the ring. It resembled a magnifying glass without the glass! The next cabin on deck 9, was 9173, a Verandah stateroom. All accommodations boasted new patio furniture and a pre-revolution photo were included in all of the staterooms.

Restaurant on Celebrity Summit

Once we were done with the stateroom viewing, it was time for dinner. We ate in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, which was a stunning place. The décor reminded me of ocean breezes, powdered blue, sort of Game of Thrones tall chairs with velvet cushions and smaller chairs. The carpeting throughout the room was a soft beige and light blue in color. The room was stunning during the day but at night it was just as glamorous with just the right hint of soft lighting. There was also artwork throughout the walls as you entered the dining area a grand staircase to bring the room together awaited with stunning views of the ocean facing the back of the ship .

After Dinner, we gathered at the famous Martini bar for cocktail hour. The martini bar offers a vast selection of your favorite blends from lychee, pear, cucumber (my favorite) chocolate martinis and many others. We were treated to a mini show by the talented bartenders who proceeded to pour the martini blend from a shaker into about 10 mini martini glasses without spilling. It was amazing to watch!

Fine dining on Celebrity Summit

The next morning, we made our way to our guest suite breakfast dining area called Luminae. The room was bright, with a combination of natural lighting from the port hole windows to the golden softly lit dim lighting from above the ceiling that bounced off the silver mirror-like columns. Once you entered the room you immediately felt a calmness to the room. The carpet décor was a dark maroon and the table/seating areas was a beige and grey velvet design. Our breakfast menu consisted of a great selection of continental items from Granola parfait, freshly baked danishes, croissants and muffins to eggs and french toast, along with smoothies and other sides.

After breakfast we decided to explore the ship some more. We walked across the Rendezvous Lounge. I fell in love with the design and décor of the lounge. The seating area, couches and chairs were a soft hint of light purple/periwinkle in color with matching dark and light purple pillows to marry the look and feel of luxury onboard. It was a very cozy environment. As I walked away from the Rendezvous Lounge, I walked through an area connected to the lounge that resembled a private study room/library. It was beautifully lit with dark gray paneling with a dark wood trim that was placed midway of the wall. The chaise lounge seating area were strategically placed up against the wall under the serene lighting. One of the best features of this area was the built in/carved out square shelves with tons of colorful books inserted with a small accent to bring the room together. As the light hit the books and lit up the chaise lounge it looked like a reader’s perfect spot to immerse themselves completely with their favorite book. I went into the restroom area and immediately my eyes found a beautiful orchid planter in the far corner of the vanity area. The wall tile was a light beige with marble sinks and well-lit rectangular mirrors.

As we took a walk through the hallway that housed mounted frames of cruise journeys of the past, like a copy of The Normandie’s menu and a list of passengers that were onboard, we came across the art gallery, which housed so many colorful and mesmerizing pieces. But perhaps the most interesting & fun part was when we came across the interactive wall, where you have the opportunity to create art with your fingertips accompanied by soothing music.

lounge on celebrity summit

As we made our way into The Spa by Canyon Ranch (My favorite place), we were greeted by the lovely spa employees who walked us through the various spa treatment rooms within the Persian Garden. They presented the Turkish bath room-a middle eastern version of a wet sauna. It was very dark, which they explained helps to purify the mind, body and soul. We had the Infrared sauna- heat therapy to detox your immune system and the salt therapy Inhale room – where small micro particles of salt enter your system and allows the steam in which allow to clear your nasal passages. There was the water therapy rainfall sensory showers rooms with six jets. Lastly, we were also given a tour of the ocean view massage rooms, which I highly recommend if you are onboard. I had the aroma therapy massage. It was so amazing and relaxing.

After a long day of touring all the ship had to offer, we had dinner served family style at Tuscan Grille and the choices ranged from pasta, steak, and fish dishes; plus a heavenly selection of desserts. After dinner we headed to the theatre and found out that The American Ballet Theatre principal dancers were on-board and they performed so beautifully. We were also treated to a siren violinist by the name of Katerina Rossa. She came on stage wearing an all-black jumpsuit with a jeweled skirt attachment and curly red hair. She played a few arrangements including of one of Bach’s pieces. Once she finished those, she proceeded to inform us that she was going to play a medley of songs from one of the greatest bands ever! QUEEN! Well, I happen to be a huge Queen fan and was thrilled beyond words to watch her perform some of my favorite hits like, Bohemian Rhapsody, Who Wants to Live Forever, We Are the Champions and The Show Must Go On! This was one of the highlights of my trip!

Later that evening we joined the rest of the members onboard upstairs for a pool party celebration. There was great music and dancing throughout the night.

I had an amazing experience onboard the Celebrity Summit and would highly recommend this cruise to anyone who would like to experience the best in luxury travel. You owe it to yourself to book that cruise today and see for yourself how amazing the Celebrity Summit is!

Celebrity Summit at night

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