Now is a Great Moment for Travel Advisors

Recently, the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) underwent a slight yet significant change in their name to the American Society of Travel Advisors. With the announcement of the name change came a new and improved logo. 

Why the change? After a year of consumer research, it was determined that ‘travel advisor’ is more appealing and positive. More importantly, it accurately describes the services you can expect when working with a travel professional to book vacations and corporate travel. These include:

  • Advisors have personal knowledge of their clients' likes, dislikes, travel background and interests.
  • Advisors are rarely order-takers, and most often collaborative decision makers.
  • Advisors offer complimentary upgrades, amenities, VIP services, special gifts, customized destination reports, qualified hotel inspection reports, and more.
  • Advisors take pride in creating a truly memorable experience as a result of going beyond expectations

View of the newest ASTA graduates

As the world’s leading global advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry, and the traveling public, ASTA’s mission is clear:

“to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism. ASTA seeks a retail travel marketplace that is profitable, growing and a rewarding place to work, invest and do business.” - Excerpt from ASTA’s mission

Protravel International, an affiliated member organization of ASTA, shares this mission. One area you can see our dedication is with the Journeys program -- for which we earned a 2019 Travel Weekly Gold Magellan Award. This six-month educational course (exclusively for Protravel agents) dives into unique aspects of the travel-selling experience to maximize agents’ earning potential. Benefits include (but are not limited to) access to a business coach who mentors your professional journey, helps build your business plan, and ensures you can leverage all available tools & resources. Plus, Protravel offers targeted luxury marketing support and training from supplier partners and industry experts, with high-quality leads generated through our robust lead generation sources.

View of the Protravel International Executive team at ASTA

There are other significant ways Protravel is working to give advisors opportunities for advancement, such as access to our leadership team. At this year’s 2019 Global ASTA Conference, Protravel president Becky Powell led an educational panel of strong female travel executives who shared details from their personal journeys of becoming effective travel executives. Advisors at the event were able to engage in a dialogue with the executives, to share problems, ask questions, and get real-time feedback and advice on ways to improve their personal approaches as travel advisors.

View of Travel CEO's speaking at an ASTA seminar

Protravel is dedicated to creating equal opportunities for all travel advisors, regardless of race, color, national origin, financial circumstance, or gender. At the general session, Becky joined her Travel Leaders Group colleagues, Jackie Friedman (President of Nexion Travel Group) and Cindy Schlansky (Co-President of Tzell Travel Group) for a much-applauded presentation on “Women in Travel History,” recognizing the many contributions of women to building the travel industry over the decades. Becky’s message to the women in the audience was this:

“We must empower one another. We must urge our colleagues to aggressively climb the corporate ladder. I know so many strong, intelligent women—there is no lack of qualified women to fill senior leadership roles, so there are no excuses when those roles are institutionally filled by men.”

View of Travel Leaders Group Executives at ASTA

As an organization devoted to offering travel advisors powerful resources and first-rate support, ASTA moved forward with the name change. As a Diamond-level partner with ASTA (the highest level of partnership), Protravel International is dedicated to the mission of ASTA. Protravel, along with all members of Travel Leaders Group, plans to amplify support for the American Society of Travel Advisors on a political level as well. We recognize the importance of having a strong and unified voice on issues of importance on Capitol Hill, in state governments, and in the media. Protravel has joined in ASTA’s efforts, supported by the California Coalition of Travel Organizations, to gain an exemption for independent travel advisors from a bill, AB5, which would have negatively impacted the travel industry community in California. The bill, with the Protravel-supported provision, was recently signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

If you are considering a career as a Travel Advisor, or upgrading your existing business, we hope you will reach out to us.



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