Get Closer to the World’s Wonders!

Expedition means going where awesome is. Where big bears roam. And whales breach. Where penguins frolic by the thousands and massive glaciers calve with an exhilarating thunder. At Lindblad-National Geographic we’ve been leading expeditions around the globe for 50+ years—and we know how to create incredible opportunities for you in 60+ remote destinations.

Our fleet of nimble, intimately scaled expedition ships safely go where larger cruise ships cannot. They thread into narrow fjords, tuck into secluded coves, skirt rocky coastlines, and circumnavigate far-flung isles and atolls. But they are just part of the authentic expedition experience we provide. While our ships enable us to take you in deep, the range of cool tools they carry enable you to get even closer, to experience these wild geographies with all your senses. Imagine racing a pod of dolphins in a Zodiac through Baja’s vibrant Sea of Cortez; paddle boarding through azure Polynesian waters as majestic manta rays glide below; or kayaking at the bottom of the world in Antarctica, eye level with the bluest ice you’ll ever see.

Plus, thanks to our exclusive undersea program, you’ll enjoy a seldom-seen perspective: the dazzling world beneath the ship. Undersea specialists dive to capture stunning, Cousteau-like video of fascinating creatures, then share the footage in engaging presentations back aboard. Two of our ships also feature a Remotely Operated Vehicle (or ROV) which can explore hundreds of feet deeper than any diver and has the possibility of bringing back images of never-before-seen species.

This sort of genuine exploration is in our DNA. Our veteran teams—from our naturalists to our captains—are passionate about sharing the pristine places where we explore. They will do whatever it takes, from manning the spotting scopes all night so you don’t miss a polar bear to veering off course, so you witness bubble-netting humpback whales.

Traveling on a Lindblad-National Geographic expedition means unparalleled access—and that is what gives you unforgettable experiences, one-of-a-kind stories to tell, and a priceless stock of memories.

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