The Romance of Buenos Aires

A trip to Argentina’s beautiful capital city is the perfect romantic getaway

By Felicity, World Traveler

Buenos Aires is a city for lovers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination or planning a getaway with someone you adore, Argentina’s diverse capital is a city of romance and surprises.

The Argentinian Parliament building at golden hour

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Founded by Spanish colonists in the 19th century, Buenos Aires later experienced an influx of people from all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Ukraine, and Africa. The evolution of a unique and colorful culture followed, along with the construction of buildings so refined that parts of the city could be mistaken for Europe. From this fascinating mix of traditions came the birth of tango, a distinct culinary culture, and ultimately, a city that is a joy to explore. Especially if you’re the romantic type!

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With the help of some local friends, I’ve put together a lovely collection of experiences in Buenos Aires that I’m sure you’ll love. Let’s all dress to impress, and head south….

Experience The Passion Of Tango

When it comes to romance, this is the obvious place to start, no? The history of the Argentine tango is so compelling I could write about it all day long, but I will (attempt) to be concise with my explanation of its origins.

Tango came from humble beginnings, emerging from the capital’s poor barrios (districts) where international dance styles were mixed and new steps invented. It was largely influenced by young immigrant men who’d arrived looking for a better life, but was popularized internationally by the wealthy Argentines who took it up (reluctantly, at first, it being a ‘lower class’ dance), before carrying it abroad. Over the decades, it has continued to evolve into one of the most celebrated and respected dance styles of all time, and is universally recognized for its passion and intensity. So, on a visit to Buenos Aires, are you likely to become a highly-skilled dancer who burns with intensity yourself? Probably not. But you’ll get to watch some of the best dancers in the world at work, and some of that passion is bound to rub off….

Two tango dancers wearing black and dancing outside

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You don’t necessarily have to seek out a club for a performance—you’re likely to come across excellent dancers performing in the street—but a formal and well-produced tango show is an incredible thing to behold, not to mention a great way to see some of the city’s coolest venues. Try Esquino Hermano Manzi, a corner bar built in 1917 that houses one of the most traditional (and affordable) shows you can see in the city. Rojo Tango at the famed Faena Hotel is the place to be if you’re looking for an intimate, uber-luxurious Cabaret-style setting, while Piazolla Tango takes place in a restored Art-Nouveau theater and transports you back to Buenos Aires’ Golden Age. Finally, while less intimate than the others, Señor Tango offers one of the largest and most elaborate shows in the city. Sometimes it’s fun to go big.

Surround Yourself With Beautiful Things

Start with Malba, the renowned Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires that was inaugurated in 2001. It’s a must-see for both art aficianados and more casual observers alike, with an impressive collection of 20th century works by artists like Frida Khalo and Alexander Xul Solar.

Interior of a white modern art museum

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Another space you need to see is El Ateneo, a theater turned bookstore that’s one of the most glamorous places ever to house books. Who wouldn’t want to search for their new favorite novel here?

The interior of an elaborate theatre-turned-bookstore
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Spend Time Lingering Over Coffee

In Buenos Aires, it’s essential that you and your love seek out at least a few of the city’s bares notables; this is the name given to historic corner bar cafes that have been officially recognized for their cultural contributions to the city.

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They can be found all over Buenos Aires, and are a destination for coffee, pastry, and often lunch. At 160 years old, charming Cafe Tortoni is the oldest of them all, but since it’s also a kind of a mecca for tourists, it can get quite busy. If you’re looking for something a little more quiet, try La Flor de Barracas (get the pasta!), El Federal (the architectural beauty of its wooden bar is reason enough to go), or Las Violetas (for its old-school, white apron service).

Take A Stroll Amongst The Roses

Buenos Aires’ green space game is strong, meaning there are plenty of nice parks to walk through hand in hand. The city’s biggest (and most popular) is Parque Tres de Febrero, which has a rose garden and lake, however Rosedal in Palermo gives it a run for its money when it comes to floral achievements. Los Bosques de Palermo (a.k.a. Parque Tres de Febrero) also has plenty to explore in its 400 acres, and is especially gorgeous on a sunny day.

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Impress With Dinner And A Show

For a date night where you’re going all-out, start with dinner at elegant local favorite iLatina. The team there, headed by two Colombian siblings, serves up creative cuisine drawing on influences from throughout Latin America. After your eight course tasting menu (that might include dishes like coffee-braised pork shoulder), it’s time for a show at Teatro Colón, one of the most renowned opera houses on the planet. In operation since 1857, the theater’s stunning ‘new’ venue was built and opened in 1908 with a performance of Aïda. For more than 110 years it has hosted all the opera greats, as well as ballet and symphony performances.

The interior of an elaborate early 20th century theatre
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When To Go To Buenos Aires

Keeping its location in the Southern Hemisphere in mind, Buenos Aires is best visited in the fall (March to May), or the spring (September to November). October and November are especially charming months to be in town since the jacaranda trees bloom and paint the town purple. At these times the weather is fairly temperate, with temperatures approximately ranging between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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