A Honeymoon on St. Lucia

Luxury and adventure await honeymooners on this beautiful Caribbean island

By Felicity, World Traveler

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St. Lucia is a special place. I mean, just look at it:

St Lucia's famous piton mountains at dusk with a pink skyImage: Shutterstock

A honeymooners’ dream. Lush, colorful, eclectic, and full of surprises, it shouts “ROMANCE!” from almost every angle. (It doesn’t actually shout, though. It’s so lovely and quiet, it really only needs to whisper to be heard).

St. Lucia’s romantic allure isn’t just the result of its secluded coves and the appealingly calm pace of island life. It’s also home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, meaning this place has managed to double down on paradise. The sole purpose of these resorts is to ensure you have the most relaxing, comfortable, blissed out experience possible, and they are good at their jobs.

Couple sitting in infinity pool overlooking green mountains

From activities for the adventurous to those who like spending an entire day in a private infinity pool (which is…..everyone?), here are just some of the features that make St. Lucia an ideal honeymoon destination:

You Can Stay in a Sanctuary

Jade Mountain, renowned architect Nick Troubetzkoy’s masterpiece, is a resort that doesn’t have rooms. Rather, each of the spaces—unique in design from the others—possesses only three walls, making them something else entirely.

Instead of stone, the fourth walls are composed of fresh air. That’s right. Guests can walk unobstructed from their beds to the edges of their balconies, where unparalleled views of the island’s famous Pitons await. For this reason, instead of rooms they are called “sanctuaries,” and they are more than deserving of this title. Although the inside is out and the outside is in, each suite commands absolute privacy from outside eyes. Combine that with a large infinity pool and personal butler, and you have a space you may never want to leave. Beyond luxurious and romantic, Jade Mountain isn’t just a place to stay—it’s a place to experience.

Explore Your Heart Out

In addition to its natural splendor, St. Lucia’s fascinating historic sites and charming towns are not to be missed. Start with Pigeon Island National Landmark, located near the capital of Castries.

Interior of crumbling old stone building with no roofImage: Shutterstock

One of the most important sites in St. Lucia’s history, this small island includes military ruins from the lengthy battle between the French and British, and was also once occupied by pirates of a most stereotypical nature. Their leader, Norman Captain Francois Le Clerc, actually had a wooden leg (parrot on shoulder to be confirmed).

Further south is the country’s former capital, Soufriere, a pretty little town where the island’s French past is most apparent. They ruled here during the 1700’s, and colonial facades in varying colors still line the streets.

View from water of small colonial town in tropicsImage: Shutterstock

The French also imparted the town’s name which, due to its close proximity to a still-active volcano, means “sulphur in the air.” Its other grand surroundings include jungles, waterfalls, sandy beaches, and St. Lucia’s most recognizable landmarks: the Petit and Gros Pitons. Listed in June of 2004 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these former volcanoes rise abruptly and dramatically out of the ocean, two famous and verdant markers of this idyllic island.

St Lucia's famous pointed piton mountains with blue sky and cloudsImage: Shutterstock

Go Up, Up, and Up

Once you’ve finished your leisurely stroll around town, hand in hand, how about a nice hike up one of those very mountains?

Woman standing at top of mountain with outstretched armsImage: Shutterstock

Ascending a Piton is certainly for honeymooners who love a challenge, and you will find noooo judgement here if a deck chair + rum cocktails with your love is more your style. But, if you wish to get a serious workout and literally reach great heights, hire a guide and set your sights on Gros Piton; despite being the taller of the two, it’s safest to hike. Be sure to leave early in the day and bring plenty of water.

Explore a Volcano

Not all adventures on St. Lucia require quite so much cardio; in fact, plenty are downright relaxing! At the Sulphur Springs Park, for example—the Caribbean’s only “drive in volcano”—you can wander the park to admire the steaming pits of mud, craters, and rivers of sulphuric water.

Steam rising from a hole in a still active tropical volcanoImage: Shutterstock

Then you’ll have the opportunity to cleanse your pores by soaking in volcanic waters and getting painted in mineral-rich mud! Btw, they recommend wearing a dark colored bathing suit for this, which makes all kinds of sense. 

Eat Chocolate

You’ve heard of Farm to Table, but Boucan Hotel Chocolat’s restaurant on St. Lucia has taken it to a whole new level: Tree to Bean to Table.

Their “Cacao Cuisine” menu features dishes incorporating every last part of the cacao pod—including parts usually discarded by other chocolatiers—and with the exception of a few side dishes, cacao features in every dish on their menu. Think cocoa cannelloni; duck confit with cacao nib citrus sauce; and a vegetable ‘super bowl’ with quinoa, sun dried tomatoes, and spoonfuls of cacao-infused yogurt.

Fancy quinoa salad with flower petals on white plate

And as it should be, this restaurant’s dessert menu is Absolutely Not To Be Missed. Behold this gianduja tart, for example.

A spoon on a dessert tart with ice cream and mint

Get in the Water/On the Water

Being the tropical playland it is, St. Lucia is a magical place to go swimming, snorkelling, and sailing with your beloved. 

Man and woman snorkelling in tropical waters

Anse Chastanet Resort
—which is also owned by Nick Troubetzkoy and sits below Jade Mountain—has a particularly great beach. Located in what is virtually the center of the St. Lucia marine reserves, it’s surrounded by many of the island’s coral reefs.

Woman with snorkel underwater looking at coral reefsImage: Shutterstock

The Anse Chastanet reef, for example, begins just ten yards from the water’s edge, so you can head right out from the hotel. This incredible marine ecosystem is home to more than 150 different species of fish, so every single day you’ll see something new.

Kayaks and standup paddle boards on a tropical beachImage: Shutterstock

There’s also scuba diving; windsurf and sunfish sailing; kayaking; stand-up paddleboarding, and off-resort options like romantic sunset cruises—complete with canapes and Champagne, of course.

Interior of a luxury resort suite that

Jade Mountain

P.O. Box 4000, Castries, AB, St Lucia

  • US$ 100 Spa credit excluding retail and gratuities
  • Complimentary Continental breakfast for two daily (in room)
  • Early check-in upon availability
  • Late check-out upon availability
  • Property will offer upgrade upon availability at time of check-in
  • Basic Wi-Fi
A couple in an infinity pool looking towards green mountains

Anse Chastanet Resort

Old French Road, Soufriere, St Lucia

  • US$ 100 Resort credit excluding gratuities product or tours
  • Complimentary Buffet breakfast for two daily
  • Early check-in upon availability
  • Late check-out upon availability
  • Property will offer upgrade upon availability at time of check-in
  • Basic Wi-Fi
A wooden swing over a blue pool looking out over tropical view


230 N.Front St, Soufriere, MI, St Lucia

  • US$100 Resort credit
  • Complimentary daily full breakfast for two
  • Early check-in upon availability
  • Late check-out upon availability
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

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