Robert Becker

Direct Dial:
Office Location or Region:
New York
Years in Travel Industry:
1998 Grammy nomination - Gin Blossoms; 'As Long As It Matters', 1996 RIAA Platinum Record - Gin Blossoms; 'New Miserable Experience', 1996 RIAA Double Platinum Record - Gin Blossoms; 'New Miserable Experience', 1995 RIAA Gold Record - Gin Blossoms; 'New Miserable Experience'
Personal Interests:
Loud music from almost any spot on the planet, scuba diving and snorkelling, live music, history, food and its preparation and presentation, more scuba diving, hiking, diving, cycling, skiing, scuba diving, reading, genealogy, languages (I speak a handful), surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving, wild places, remote access adventuring, canoeing/kayaking, scuba diving.
Specialties or Business Mix:
Small group scuba tours to pristine dive locations, adventure travel, cultural touring, corporate clients in the Marine Sciences and active industries, travel highlighting climate change and its effects and potential remedies.

Agent Biography:
I began my life in the travel industry putting together rock band tours for friends and colleagues in the music industry. Later this evolved into a corporate business base as well as the beginnings of a leisure mix. Subsequently, I became heavily interested and involved in active and adventure travel in remote access locations as well as popular destinations. Currently I wholesale dive and adventure customized packages around the globe.

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